1908 Lisboa Hotel1908 Lisboa Hotel

Trendy Hotel Lisbon

Enjoy a refined, cozy and serene hotel where your attention gets lost in each detail. 1908 Hotel fits is the ideal example of a trendy hotel in Lisbon, characterized by a contemporary, trendy and sophisticated style. Its existence is geared towards the well-being of each guest.

At 1908 Hotel, you can find everything you expect in a trendy hotel in Lisbon. Each guest is tended to in a bespoke manner, always with the highest service standards. The hotel's environment blends both physical and aesthetic comfort, with an original interior design that both preserves and promotes the Portuguese capital. A trendy Hotel in Lisbon goes to great lengths to maintain its architectural look, making it make it truly special and unique.

This hotel is made for you and designed in your own image. The hotel is elegant and cosmopolitan and so are our guests. This propriety is for guests who know what they want and who always expect the best. We want you to feel the excellence of a trendy hotel and deliver you with the best experience.

Another aspect that identifies 1908 Hotel as trendy is its privileged location, right in the center of Lisbon, close to all the local shops, monuments and other attractions. This way you can make the most of both the city and the hotel even if you stay only for a few days.

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